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blue sun

mistletoe fic

This is just more proof that I fail at deadlines. But it's done!

Title: Love in Three Parts
Fandom: SGA, John/Teyla/Rodney

Set during Misbegotten.

Teyla sat facing the stranger to Atlantis, this Mr. Woolsey. Both Dr. Weir and Sheppard had hastened to assure her that this was a normal interview, not an attack. But even Ronon had been able to sense their unease at these interviews, and Teyla knew that though Mr. Woolsey’s report could not affect her in any way, it could and would affect the expedition members.

That alone would have made her unfriendly to Woolsey, but this was also a bitter reminder of Weir’s own “interviews” with the other Athosians, before they had left for the mainland. Still, she had answered Woolsey’s questions about the Wraith, and particularly about Weir’s decisions regarding them, with honesty and no more self-censorship than she used at any negotiating table.

And now there was a pause, as Woolsey fidgeted with a question he was obviously uneasy about. The muscles along Teyla’s back tightened, though many years of practice let her keep her face calm.

He shuffled his notes a few times before leaning back in his chair. “Colonel Sheppard’s team has an unusual composition. Both the military and scientific heads of this expedition, and two aliens from two different cultures...”

Teyla made her standard, “yes, please continue,” face when he trailed off. “If you are asking why Colonel Sheppard chose us for his team, I cannot answer. You must ask him.”

Woolsey hedged a bit more and Teyla inwardly sighed. She hated negotiations where the other party was unsure about what they wanted. It always ended up wasting time that none of them could really afford.

“Actually, I wanted to inquire about your relationships with the rest of your team. Starting with Colonel Sheppard.”


The first time Teyla fell in love with John was about five seconds after Halling first led him into her tent.

She had already been frustrated—Toran had been throwing not-so-subtle comments about how it was never too early for a leader to think about having an heir and had been constantly hovering--and then this dashing man had strolled into her tent as if on command, with his shy smile and the self-conscious way he ran a hand through his hair. She had not understood what he had said after his name; but for what she wanted, talking was not required.

But those thoughts were shoved back by the Wraith, by her capture, by her rescue, and then by trying to deal with her people and the Ancient city. Then John had asked her to be on his team and had changed from flirty rogue to Team Leader, which did not change the situation for her but somehow did for him.


“I have known him now for about two years. He asked me to join his team a few days after he rescued me and the rest of my people from the Wraith. It was a wise decision; it is always easier to trade with new people if you have a mutual friend accompanying you. I have often done so myself.”

Now Woolsey was looking her straight in the eye. “There were no…personal reasons for him asking you to join his team?”


The first time Teyla fell out of love with John was when green mist creatures tricked them and decided to stick her into John’s mind with him. He shot his best friend in the shoulder and took another swig of his beer, and she decided maybe she did not know him so well. And that maybe that was for the best.


Teyla smiled back coolly. “I cannot speak for Colonel Sheppard’s feelings. However, if you are concerned that we have anything other than a professional relationship, I can assure you that we do not.”

Woolsey loosed his greasy chuckle. “Yes, of course. Then may I ask how you find working with Dr. McKay on a regular basis. According to his record, he’s not exactly made out for being on an SG team.”


The first time Teyla fell in love with Rodney was when he walked into the black cloud and sent it through the gate. Her first thought when the cloud swept through and Rodney was left lying alone of the floor was that he had died and that she would have liked to have held him just once. He had seemed like he would be comforting to cuddle up with and now she had lost her chance to find out. The Wraith taught you to live without regrets, and for a moment she had been afraid she would have to.


“He has proven himself very brave many times.”

“Still, he is the head of the science department here. Wouldn’t it be better for him to remain in Atlantis?”


The first time she fell out of love with Rodney was when Sheppard was dying with a bug attached to his neck and Rodney was fiddling with something in the ship.

At the time, she thought his concern was for his own safety. Which, true, a lot of it had been. But later she would realize that he reacted to a crisis that way, by doing what he knew he could do to fix it.


“That is assuming that Atlantis is any safer than being off-world. Dr. McKay has been an integral part of our team, and there have been many times when we may have died had he not been there. Again, it was a wise decision on Colonel Sheppard’s part to include him.”

“And their relationship is purely professional?”

Teyla pressed her calf along the table leg to feel the blade she wore strapped above her boot. “I am in no position to answer for either man. However, I feel I must warn you that such personal inquiries are equally as offensive to me as they would be to someone from your planet.” One graceful motion and she was on her feet and standing above him. “Now I believe that this interview is over.”


Rodney tapped on his laptop as he waited for Woolsey’s next ridiculous question. Really, he couldn’t focus on anything important when he had to worry about not jeopardizing Elizabeth’s job with a careless remark, but he could definitely keep an eye on the translation program crunching through that week’s promising part of the Ancient database.

“Dr. McKay, what is the nature of your relationship with the other members of your team?”

“What?” This actually made Rodney look up. “We go through the gate and try not to get eaten by the Wraith together. This is relevant how?”

“There have been reports that could suggest that SGA-1 is closer than can be explained by a normal working relationship.”

“Well obviously, if you think there’s anything ‘normal’ about avoiding being eaten by space vampires, then you might want to reconsider your definitions.”

Woolsey continued as if Rodney hadn’t spoken. Really, it should have been more annoying, but Rodney was used to people not wanting to admit he was right and they were incredibly wrong. “Concerns have been raised especially about you and the other two members of the original team: Ms. Emmagen and Colonel Sheppard.”


The first time Rodney fell in love with Teyla was pretty much as soon as he saw her. Honestly, who could blame him? She was hot.


“Yes, and let me guess. These ‘concerns’ were raised by someone who’s supposed to be one of Earth’s leading geniuses, and is instead a complete idiot. They’re probably jealous that Teyla and Sheppard show signs of intelligence.”


The first time Rodney fell out of love with Teyla was one second after he first fell in love with her. Because of course, she headed straight for the Major. Rodney headed straight for the chicken-kebob-things.


“Also, I don’t think I’m even Teyla’s type. I’m pretty sure she prefers men she can beat up with her sticks.”

“What about Sheppard’s type?”


The first time Rodney fell in love with John was when he saw the Major sitting in the active control chair. Yes, at the time he was burning with jealousy that the Major was doing so easily what Rodney would never be able to, but mainly he was happy to finally have found the key to unlocking oh so many mysteries.


Rodney scoffed. “Please, I’m pretty sure his type is limited to ‘Ascended.’ And aren’t these wildly inappropriate questions? Look, even if the three of us were somehow involved, which is completely insane because have you ever heard of a threesome working in real life? But what difference would it make?”

Woolsey looked dead serious but Rodney had been around Area 51 and the SGC for a long time, long enough to know Woolsey’s reputation. He loved digging up everyone’s dirty secrets. “It could affect Colonel Sheppard’s objectivity in the field. Which could endanger everyone, not only on the mission but even, potentially, Earth itself.”


The first time Rodney fell out of love with John was after the Arcturus project when John didn’t forgive him. Because, Rodney was human, he was allowed to make mistakes but apparently John was just another of those people who kept expecting Rodney to be perfect and hated him when he wasn’t and hated him when he was.


Rodney stared at him for a few extra seconds, just to let the absolute ridiculousness of that statement to sink in. When Woolsey’s eyes began to twitch, Rodney closed his laptop. “Right. You’re accusing the man who flew a jumper into a hive ship to save the city during the siege last year of not being objective. Have you even been reading the reports from here? If he’s not objective, it’s because he’s devoted the safety of the members of this expedition, which thankfully, includes me. It’s not because he’s sleeping with me. Now, please tell me there’re no more inane questions? I wasn’t lying earlier when I said I get them all the time from my science department.”

Woolsey’s smile was tight when he said, “No, that was everything. Thank you for your time Dr. McKay.”


“Ignoring the Wraith situation for now, I’m afraid I have some more personal questions to ask now.”

John shifted in his seat. He wasn’t good with personal anything, much less with someone he kind of hated. “Personal questions like what?”

“Why did you choose Teyla Emmagen and Dr. McKay to be on your team?”

“Teyla knew her way around this galaxy and McKay knew Ancient tech. Also, he liked to keep telling everyone he’s the smartest man here, so I thought I’d bet on that coming in handy somewhere. Which, I might add, it has.”

Woolsey frowned down at his notes before looking back up. “There weren’t any…other considerations?”

“Like what?”

“Like attraction to either person?”


The first time John fell in love with Teyla was at the party their first night in Atlantis, when she first did the Athosian forehead-touching thing to him. Her hair had smelled really nice, and after killing his CO and finding himself in Sumner’s place, nice had been more than he could hope for.


“Teyla is very attractive, but it would be inappropriate to feel anything more about anyone under my command.”

“She’s not technically under your command, Colonel. Actually, she doesn’t really fit into the command structure here anywhere.”

Sheppard slumped back in his chair. “She is still a member of my team, and nominally, that means she follows my orders in the field. That’s close enough.”


The first time John fell out of love with Teyla was after his brush with bug-hood and he remembered the kiss he’d pressed on her. It wasn’t her fault that his first thought was, great job, John. Way to ruin one of the best things to ever happen to you. Because it was fine to lust after people, as long as they didn’t know about it. But having it out in the open like that made everything change.


“And the same goes for Dr. McKay, I assume?”

That got a smirk out of Sheppard. “In addition to the fact that he’s a guy, and also he’s McKay.”


The first time John fell in love with Rodney was when he showed up out of nowhere and shot the Super Wraith. Sometimes you can’t help but fall in love with someone that stupidly heroic, especially when they’re doing it just to save your scrawny ass. That kind of thing makes anyone grow on you.


“And even if there were something, I guess I’m prohibited from even asking you about it.”

If there were something, then yeah.”


The first time John fell out of love with Rodney was after the first time John gave his trust to someone just because they’d asked. Five-sixths of a solar system later and enough said.


“Alright then, I will add this to my report.” Woolsey paused and grimaced. “I am sorry for having to ask these questions, Colonel. It’s just that SG teams can be closer than other combat units and there are always people who want to know why. Honestly, I don’t see any difference between your team and SG-1. I hope you’ll accept my apologies.”

Sheppard pushed out of his seat. He was still pissed about the pointed questions about Elizabeth’s decisions, and these hadn’t exactly helped. Still, he shrugged and smirked. “Sure.”


The last time John, Rodney, and Teyla fell in love was that night when they all ended up in one of the common rooms watching the new dvds the Daedalus brought with it. They started comparing their interviews with Woolsey, and had been laughing about it together. Then they noticed how they were all leaning on each other on the one couch, and started thinking.
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Very sweet! I love the varied viewpoints and how they all fall into and out of love, because that does happen.

I also love the reference to SG-1, because it's not like SG-1 doesn't have its share of inter-team orgies.
Actually, part of what inspired this was the episode in...season 7 of SG-1? When the new president comes in and Woolsey gives his report on the evils currently taking place in SGC? I mean, if fans can reach the conclusion that the only reason McKay and Sheppard haven't killed each other yet is because they're sleeping together, then obviously Woolsey could think the same.

Hee, inter-team orgies. Best term ever.
Thank you! The format came because I thought of the "fell in love/out of love" parts first. Then I had a moment of panic when I realized I needed a plot to go with them...

I have the biggest crush on Teyla right now. The times the writers use her are so great; on the surface she's so serene and mature, but there are always glimpses of her amusement and frustration and genuine affection. RL does a great job at building those levels.

(Sometimes I worry that I channel myself too much when writing Rodney--only he talks much, much faster.)

And thank you again, it means a lot that you enjoyed it.
Please do. I wrote this so very last minute, and with this type of format it really needed a beta. I'm hoping to go through and do major editing at some point in the future, but I really wanted to get it posted before it was too late.
Nice! The structure works very well, and I the character voices were spot on. Also: aww.
Thank you! I'm glad the voices came across differently.

I'm also glad the structure worked for you!
I love Teyla in this. The moment she presses her leg against the table to feel the knife was a great image far all the ways she's a negotiator but still a warrior who really, really wants to kick Woolsey's ass. I liked that the moment she decided she didn't know John was during the episode Home, because that episode is definitely the one I think of first when I think of John being a scary bastard whose words and expressions don't necessarily have anything to with what he's thinking.

I laughed at Rodney's description of falling out of love with Teyla, and at John's "And he's McKay." Rodney's response to Woolsey accusing John of lacking objectivity (i.e. "Well duh!") was perfect. As was the way John kept not getting what Woolsey was trying to insinuate--it was very "I never see this coming."

The ending didn't work for me as well as the rest of the fic. It was a little too easy. Some of Woolsey's explanations for why he needed to know the information a little vague. Though I loved his hesitation with Teyla, and how she spotted it and interpreted it, because unlike us, she didn't know what he was about to ask.
Thank you so much!

I'm really pleased by Teyla's section. It was fun getting into her head a bit; ever get the feeling that she can get so frustrated with everyone else?

That scene from Home is one of the definitive moments for John's character. JF's face, right after he pulls the trigger! Just so...dead. ::shivers:: "Why hello wish-fulfillment incarnation! Everything I ever wanted! Die."

Heh, I figure Rodney's gotten to be practical about certain things. And writing Rodney is always a lot of fun.

::laughs:: Yeah, I had no idea how to end this thing. I finished up John's section and sat there for several minutes thinking, "now what?" And, mainly, I just wanted to get it done since it was already a couple of hours late. (I'm still counting it as the 8th, because I hadn't been to sleep yet!)

But, with the three of them sitting there at the end: I hope it doesn't come across as, "and then they immediately fell into the hot sex." I wanted it to end with them realizing how close they are now--the first time they each fell in love with each other was based on physical attraction. And that now, they've gotten to know each other and developed real affection. It was intentional that all of the reflection bits were just the first times they fell in or out of love.

Woolsey here is more from the SG-1 episode Inauguration, where he does suggest that there's an inappropriate relationship between Sam and Jack. (Or, well, Kinsey butts in and says that's what he's suggesting.) I figured that the IOA has to have some people who are as nosy and obnoxious as Kinsey, so they'd want Woolsey to check this out. I'll have to go back and see if I can make that a little clearer.

Thank you again for your feedback!
Lovely story! I read quite a bit of slash but I just adore threesome pairings, be it J & R with Elizabeth, Sam, Radek, Carson....

Hmm, love this dynamic! Love Teyla's voice and her interaction with Woosely. Love all the little bits and pieces!

Great characterisation and just so enjoyable to read. Thank you for sharing :)
I'm more a slash reader too, but lately I've really gotten into team OT4s. That was the biggest problem for me in writing this, I felt sorry for Ronon for being left out.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Lovely scenario and structure, and a great, ironic (and lovely sweet) ending. All three were perfectly on and great in their differnt reactions to Woolsey.

Thank you!
Ah, thank you so much!
That was a very lovely story, thank you.
::blush:: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Ooh, I like the structure here very much. (And I enjoyed the characterization and your brisk, pleasant writing style, and how grounded in canon your writing comes across as, but I really like the back-and-forth structure).

Using my OT4 icon so Ronon doesn't feel left out, per your comment above. ::g::
I'm so glad the structure worked for you! I was afraid it might be a bit too abrupt between the different sections.

And I enjoyed the characterization and your brisk, pleasant writing style, and how grounded in canon your writing comes across as

:D Thank you!

Seriously, I couldn't get anywhere for the longest time because of Ronon. "Well, maybe he's sick, and didn't go on that mission? Yeah right. He would sneak through the gate and catch up with them on the planet, armed with tissues."
Loved the format and the falling in and out of love scenario-it really fits them.
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed!
Nice use of the evil Woolsey as a framing device.
I was afraid I was making him too evil; I think the writers on both shows have been trying to evolve his character. But man, when he first showed up, he was so weaselly, and that was the version I used here.

Glad you liked!
I love the back-and-forth here. It just fits for these characters.
Thanks! I had the greatest fun in writing this when I was going back through the episodes and figuring out what and when would each character's feelings have changed.
I liked this. :)
Then they noticed how they were all leaning on each other on the one couch, and started thinking.

You realize you must write a follow-up now? You could even use the same structure. Maybe them falling into (and sometimes out of) a relationship. I could work! *hopes liek woah*
Hee, thanks!

I know I want to rehaul this fic sometime (hopefully get a beta!). I kind of like ending it here, with the realization that Woolsey may just have had a point.

But a follow-up fic...mmm...
Really enjoyed this. I love the structure of the story, and all three POVs were wonderful. I have to admit, I especially loved Teyla's POV. I adore her!
Teyla was the strongest voice as I was writing this, I'm very pleased with how her sections came out.

I'm glad you liked! Thanks for commenting!
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