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4 December
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You know how some people get addicted to illegal drugs, alcohol, caffiene, porn...I got addicted to fanfiction. So yeah, my main reason for getting this was to join some fic communities and friend some of the authors I really like. And to post some of my own stuff assuming I ever start writing again. Huh, wonder if this makes LJ my dealer?

Now for something completely different: a couple of sweeping statements.

Friending Policy! It seems to be the thing to have one.
I'm pretty easy, so if you friend me I'll probably adore you forever. Don't feel obligated to say hi, though that would be awesome. And should you defriend me I'll only cry for a day. Seriously though, this is mainly a fandom journal and with my erratic posting, I completely understand if people lose interest.

Also, because I do write fic, Disclaimer!

Actually, I suck at legal speak. I'll write one later when I'm not stupid from lack of sleep. So, for now, everything I've written and posted has been fanfic for Stargate: Atlantis. I make no claims to own the characters and I make no money off of writing these.